How Can I easily get an eSIM From Japan?

By using an embedded SIM, or eSIM, you can activate a cell plan without changing your SIM card physically. Instead, if your phone is suitable, you can buy an eSIM online and install it straight onto it. Travelers who need to remain connected while overseas and avoid paying expensive roaming fees or looking for a local SIM card will find eSIM to be very helpful.

Purchasing an eSIM for your trip to Japan is simple. To avail of reasonably priced internet-only SIM plans, all you have to do is visit Airalo, an eSIM provider. You will receive installation instructions for the eSIM on your device after you have chosen your plan and paid for it. It is that easy. No waiting in a queue at your neighborhood shop or figuring out complicated activation processes.

You can use it on any network that supports eSIM technology because eSIM is widely supported in Japan. Softbank is a well-known network that supports esim in japan. This implies that regardless of where you are in Japan Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka you can have dependable internet connectivity. Verify the eSIM compatibility of your device. Make sure your device is compatible with eSIM before making a purchase, as not all smartphones support it.

A Comprehensive Guide for Obtaining a Japan eSIM

Travelers’ ideal destination is Japan, a country with modern technology and age-old customs. Getting a local eSIM might make your stay in the Land of the Rising Sun more convenient. You can stay connected and easily explore this intriguing country by following our comprehensive guide, which will walk you through the process of obtaining a Japan eSIM.

eSIM Technology

It is essential to first understand what an eSIM is. An embedded Subscriber Identity Module, or eSIM, is a digital SIM card that is a part of your device. Additionally, unlike normal SIM cards, eSIMs do not need to be physically swapped when moving providers, making them very helpful for travelers.

Check Device Compatibility

To begin with, confirm that your smartphone is compatible with eSIM technology. eSIM functionality is now present in the majority of contemporary smartphones, tablets, and wearables, including iPhones and different Android devices. To verify compatibility, check the settings on your device or get in touch with the maker.

Look into Japanese Mobile Providers

With a variety of plans and services to choose from, Japan is home to several dependable mobile operators like NTT Docomo, SoftBank, and KDDI (au). During your visit, investigate these operators to select one that meets your demands for calls, texts, and data. While making your selection, take customer service, data speed, and coverage into account.

Check Out the Official Website or Store

Once a cell provider has been selected, investigate your eSIM alternatives by going to their website or official store in Japan. Online sections for eSIM services are available on the majority of major Japanese carriers’ websites. Plans ranging from data-only to combo packages with text and phone services are available for selection.

Provide the Necessary Information

It will be necessary for instructions to provide certain personal information, such as your contact details and passport details, while buying an eSIM online or in-store. For registration purposes, Japanese regulations demand this information. To prevent issues later, be sure that all of the information supplied is accurate.

QR Code and Activation Instructions

The mobile operator will give you a QR code and comprehensive activation instructions once you’ve finished the registration process. All the information required to activate your eSIM is contained in this QR code. To start the eSIM activation procedure, you often need to use the camera on your device to scan this code.

Activate your eSIM To Experience Smooth Connectivity

Set up your eSIM by following the on-screen instructions. Configuring your device for the new network settings, selecting a phone number if necessary, and verifying your plan details are usually involved in this process. Your eSIM is enabled and operational after the setup is finished.

You can now enjoy uninterrupted connectivity while you travel thanks to your fully working Japan eSIM. You can stay connected, share your experiences with loved ones, and travel the nation with ease whether you’re touring the busy streets of Tokyo, unwinding in an onsen in Hokkaido, or touring the ancient temples of Kyoto.


It’s easy to obtain a Japan eSIM, which improves your trip experience considerably. Following these tips and choosing a plan that suits your needs will help you make the most of your trip to Japan. This will free you from the fear of communication breakdowns so you can keep in contact and capture memories and photos.



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