How to Check if There’s Stuff Under Your Fancy Artisan Keycaps

Alright, folks, let’s dive into how to make sure there’s no junk messing up your cool artisan keycaps on your snazzy mechanical keyboard.


No fancy language here, just simple steps to keep things smooth and clean.

Step 1: Gather Your Stuff

Before we start, grab these things:

A keycap puller or anything flat like a card

A can of compressed air or a handy air blower

A soft brush (a paintbrush works)

A clean microfiber cloth

Optional: isopropyl alcohol

Step 2: Keyboard Off, Please

First things first, turn off or unplug your keyboard. Safety first; we don’t want any accidental key presses messing things up.

Step 3: Pop off the Artisan Keycap

Get that keycap puller or flat thingamajig, and gently lift off your artisan keycap. Apply a little pressure on both sides so you don’t wreck the keycap or the switch beneath it.

Step 4: Check the Switch Stem

Now that the keycap’s off, check the switch stem underneath. Look for stuff like dust, hair, or those sneaky food crumbs. Use your soft brush or blast it away with compressed air. Bye-bye, debris!

Step 5: Inspect the Artisan Keycap

Flip over that artisan keycap. Sometimes, bits of junk can hide in those fancy designs or crevices. Clean it up with your soft brush and a burst of compressed air.

Step 6: Clean Them Up

Notice any gunk or stickiness on the keycap or switch? Dampen a cloth with some isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher) and gently wipe those spots. Let everything dry out before you put things back together.

Step 7: Snap the keycap back on

Line up your artisan keycap with the switch stem and give it a good press. Make sure it’s snug and not wobbly.

Step 8: Test the Key

Pop that keycap back on. Great! Now, give it a few taps to make sure it’s working like a champ. We don’t want any weirdness with how it types.

Step 9: Repeat the drill

If you’ve got more artisan keycaps or regular ones that need a look-see, go through these steps for each one.

Step 10: Plug your keyboard back in

Finally, when all is said and done, plug your keyboard back in and run a test. Press all those keys to be sure they’re doing their job.


By peeking under those fancy artisan keycaps every so often, you’ll keep your mechanical keyboard in top-notch shape. It’s like giving your ride a quick wash to keep it shining and running smoothly. So, remember to do this little check-up now and then to avoid any keyboard hiccups. Keep typing happy, my friends!



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